Client Testimonials

Car Accident Testimonials

  1. Matthew W.

Case Overview: Our client was involved in a car accident which totaled his car and left him with serious injuries and significant medical bills.  He hired us to pursue his personal injury claim against the other driver and his insurance company.  We were able to reach a confidential settlement to the benefit of our client.

Testimonial: “Heaven knows the typical individual cannot possibly comprehend the American legal system.  When I was involved in a car crash that rendered me injured and my car demolished, I needed an ally to help me understand the legal process.  Bree Lowry proved herself to be the ally whom I needed.  She was prompt in responding to my inquiries, and she spoke with me with candor and honesty.  Bree utilized her legal knowledge and acumen on my behalf to get me a fair settlement.  I genuinely appreciate all that she did for me.”

  1. Christy S.

Case Overview: Our client was involved in a serious car accident which left her with significant injuries.  She hired us to pursue her personal injury claim against the other driver and his insurance company.  We also had to pursue a claim against her insurance company under her uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.  We were able to reach a confidential settlement with both insurance companies to the benefit of our client.

Testimonial: “I used Caldwell & Lowry for a personal injury matter.  They were always available to answer any questions I had, and they always kept in contact with me to let me know what was going on from time to time.  They handled my case well.  I would recommend them for any legal issue you may have.  They will get the job done.”


Workers’ Compensation Testimonials

  1. Takeiya

Case Overview: Our client was injured on the job and hired us to file a workers’ compensation claim on her behalf.  Her employer refused to pay her workers’ compensation benefits for her injuries from the start and even fired her.  We were able to reach a confidential settlement to the benefit of our client.

Testimonial: “I give the highest regard to this law firm.  Bree Lowry handled my case.  She was swift in getting me the settlement I deserved.  If there were questions, she had the answers.  I stand on my words when I say that I would recommend Caldwell and Lowry to ANYONE who feels that there isn’t hope!”

  1. James

Case Overview: Our client owns a trucking company, and one of his truck drivers brought a claim against his company for workers’ compensation benefits. After a long hearing, the Administrative Law Judge had both parties submit lengthy briefs arguing whether the claimant was an independent contractor or an employee. In the end, the Court entered an order finding that the claimant was an independent contractor, not an employee, and, therefore, not entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Our client would have been on the hook for a significant amount of money had we not had a winning strategy at the hearing and an excellent brief on the controlling law.

Testimonial: “I retained Caldwell & Lowry Law Firm to defend my company in a vicious workers’ compensation case with a former employee. They took immediate action and provided me much needed assistance for my situation, and in turn, justice was served in a timely manner! At any time if there was an update or any new developments, their law firm responded quickly by providing me with much needed information. I never had to worry about the status of my case. I would strongly encourage anyone in a similar situation to reach out to them! You’ll be glad that you did.”


Divorce & Family Law Testimonials

  1. Adrianna

Case Overview: Our client’s children were removed from her custody by the Department of Family and Children Services.  One was placed in a foster home, and the other was placed with his father who had not legitimated him.  In this case, the Department of Family and Children Services was wrong to snatch custody of our client’s children from her, and we fought hard for the Court to return custody of her children to her.  In the end, she was awarded joint legal custody of both of her children.

Testimonial: “Bree Lowry is absolutely amazing.  She helped me with two very, very stressful custody cases.  She was an absolute godsend.  I couldn’t have asked for anyone better.”

  1. Mary

Case Overview: Our client hired us to represent her in a difficult divorce action.  Her husband did not respond to our discovery requests, so we had to file a Motion to Compel.  The judge ordered her husband to pay $1,040 of her attorney’s fees.  In the end, the parties settled their case without going to trial.

Testimonial: “I just wanted to thank you for the professional and compassionate manner that you handled my legal case.  I felt so defeated before I hired you.  You were able to answer all my questions and soothe all my fears during a very tumultuous time of my life.”

  1. Melanie

Case Overview: Our client hired us to defend her in a legitimation and custody action brought by the father of her child.  We contested the legitimation.  Contesting the legitimation of a child is rare, and it’s very difficult to overcome the legal hurdles in favor of legitimation and the custodial rights of parents.  In the end, our client was awarded sole custody of her child.

Testimonial: “Bree Lowry represented me in a legitimation case.  She went above my expectations of how an attorney would handle my case.  She spent many hours going through documents and searching files to better my case.  Bree was always available when I needed to ask her a question and very prompt to get back with me on things she wanted to research more before giving me an answer.  I never felt like she was just taking my money, I truly felt like she cared about me and my case.  Bree represented me for over a year and is still my Attorney, after a long custody battle and many court dates I was awarded exactly what I had asked for from the beginning.  I would recommend Bree as an Attorney.  She is great with family law.”

  1. Keith

Case Overview: Our client did not have an attorney represent him in his divorce, and the order of the Court required him to pay for numerous things that are not permitted by law.  Our client hired us to have the Court’s order set aside, and that order was ultimately set aside and a new, corrected order was entered by the Court.

Testimonial: “Bree Lowry represented me during my divorce and I couldn’t of gotten a better attorney!  She stepped in and saved the day!  I would strongly recommend her!”

  1. Anonymous

Case Overview: Our client hired us to finalize her divorce. She had had two previous lawyers who did not finish the job.  In the end, we were successful in getting her a divorce.  In the divorce, our client was awarded primary custody of her child, and her husband was ordered to pay the appropriate amount of child support and a percentage of the childcare costs.  In addition, her husband was ordered to have supervised visitation with their child only, and he was ordered to pay $6,000 of her attorney’s fees.  After our client’s divorce was final, her former husband failed to pay child support, his share of the childcare costs, and her attorney’s fees.  Our client hired us to file a Motion for Contempt.  Our client’s ex-husband was found in contempt and ordered to pay an additional $750 in attorney’s fees.

Testimonial: “I was beyond satisfied with Mrs. Lowry.  She did an outstanding job handling my case.  She was always available anytime I had a question or concern.  My phone calls were always returned in a timely manner.  Most importantly, she made sure that I was very well prepared for my hearing.  Lowry went above and beyond to make sure that I had the best possible outcome and I will most definitely use her anytime legal counsel is needed in the future.  I highly recommend her!!!”


Appeals Testimonials

  1. Kathy

Case Overview: Our client hired us to represent her in a contentious custody and child support case.  The judge awarded our client custody of her child, but gave the father a large non-specific deviation in his child support obligation, which left him paying no child support at all.  We appealed the Court’s ruling to the Georgia Court of Appeals and it was overturned.

Testimonial: “I have worked as a paralegal and have dealt with a significant number of local attorneys.  I have a clear understanding of what makes an attorney effective.  I have had a difficult and protracted family law situation.  I hired Bree Lowry to handle a child support issue that required an appeal.  Her attention to detail during the hearing and diligence in writing the appeal led to the ruling being overturned.  This was a life changing victory for my family.  Bree took the time to address every issue in my appeal and she went above and beyond to advocate for my family.  She is smart, dedicated, and does her homework, which ultimately results in the best possible decision being reached.  She was caring and thoughtful through a very stressful situation but her professionalism and hard work ultimately brought justice to my family.”


Other Testimonials

  1. Kamar

Case Overview: Our client was ruled ineligible to play high school sports by the Georgia High School Association.  His school submitted a hardship application on his behalf, but it was denied by the Executive Director of the Georgia High School Association.  Our client’s mother hired us to represent her son at a hearing in front of the executive committee of the Georgia High School Association.  At the conclusion of the hearing, our client’s hardship application was approved, and he was once again eligible to play the sports he dearly loved.

Testimonial: “I lost my mom recently.  I am so thankful for Bree Lowry.  If it wasn’t for her, my mother couldn’t see Kamar do what he loves.  I am so appreciative of her.”